About us

Our french bulldog Vicky is the hero of pet boutique Team Paws.

In 2019, for the first time ever we became dog parents. It was such a happy and joyful moment. And with this new responsibility we also faced the struggle to find quality pet items that are not only safe and stylish, but also give pleasure for both - you and your doggo.

We remember researching articles about safe materials for dogs, experimenting with different types of toys and harnesses, consulting with a vet probably too often. As a result of us being too picky, the Team Paws idea came to light.

With us you will only find products that have passed Vicky’s quality control:

  • Product material quality
  • Overall safety
  • Comfort level
  • Owners positive experience
  • Long-term wear
  • Bold design fitting various personalities and lifestyles
Say YES to a lifestyle that's different.

Vicky, Marta and Arturs